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The FemAging Era Virtual Exchange & Fast Pitch Event July 21, 2022 12pm EDT/9am PDT (12pm to 2:30pm EDT / 9am to 11:30am PDT)
Our goal is to advance women’s healthtech innovation and investment. We envision a world where women's health is prioritized and female-focused health, wellness and well-being innovations are supported and highlighted for their ability to disrupt taboos related to the changes women's bodies experience as they age.

Discussion topics:

Beyond Fertility: Exploring the Why Behind the Women’s Health Gap, where leading physicians in women’s healthcare discuss how we can push past the ignorance, fear and stigma that prevents women from living their fullest lives as they age.

Women’s Health Investors on the FemAging Opportunity where investors discuss the types of products and services investors will be interested in funding over the next several years.

What Does Agile Innovation Look Like in the FemAging Era focuses on a discussion with innovation, product development, and design specialists on how to develop products for women aged 40+ and their strategies and tactics for innovating successfully in the FemAging Era.

Fast Pitch Competition Finalists:

Hydro Gummy
Mina Health
PhenomX Health


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